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2014年情人节撞上了农历初十五, 为了抓住最后一天放烟花的机会,在来工作室的路上特别停下车在路边买了一串3000响的鞭炮。恰巧昨晚下了一场小雪,下岗建筑师一声不吭的在前院的雪地上用鞭炮排成了一颗大红心后,把我们都叫了出来。3000响和一片欢呼后,浪漫的爱心化成一地纸屑,也算是庆祝了一番。

This year’s Valentine’s Day coincides with the end of the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration. On the way to work, we stopped by the street stall and bought some 3000-explosion firecrackers, as it is our final chance of the year to blow something up. Luckily, it snowed a little last night and formed a thin white blanket over our yard. The retired architect laid the firecrackers out in the shape of a heart, and called us out into the garden for the final blow. After 3000 explosions and a huge round of cheers, the romantic heart became a crocked ring of burnt paper scraps…

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