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在温和十月阳光和鲜花的关照下,小屋慢慢有点生气,踏过浓密的野草碎石,最后一次利用前人遗留的木工台、看最后一眼后院菜园的瓜藤、再默记车间里“谨慎 务实 高效”的大红标语。


We decided to bring some fresh flowers to visit their future home, before any destructive construction took place. This was also our pathetic excuse to record the cottage’s primitive and haunted beauty.

Blessed with a warm October sun, the cottage was momentarily revived by this faint shade of pink. We stepped over the dense grassy and cobbled yard, laid flowers across an old woodwork bench, took one last look at the melon vines in the communal vegetable garden, and memorised the factory motto “Cautious Pragmatic Efficient” before we drove away.

Until next time.