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极大的变化就从今天开始。小屋的斜屋顶是它最原始淳朴的特点,也给了我们一个特别的机会向上发展。 2/3的全高空间被完整的保留下来,剩余的1/3的面积则被竖向的分割成一个架高的夹层办公区。


Something major is about to take shape. The sloped roof has always been one of the original features that we love about this broken hut, giving us a unique opportunity to occupy the space vertically. Two third of the full height space is being reserved while the other third is to be turned horizontal to cover a penthouse office area.

Today’s trip to the site, we see the frames of our mezzanine coming together with the help of young workers in Ironman masks. The steels are to be cut into different sizes and we see sparks flying everywhere, adding some unusual warmth to our cottage.