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小屋最令人害怕的不是陈年的红砖墙、不是残破的门窗、不是凹凸不平的地面、而是老旧的石棉瓦屋顶!盖(住)过房子的人都知道,漏水是大忌,是会让人吃不好饭睡不好觉的事。趁着这几天天气还算干爽,把屋面上的石棉瓦拆的一干二净,阳光穿越了破损的实木板天花透入屋内, 一丝一丝的射在墙上地上身上,几乎像在做室内森林浴一般。


Aging walls, broken windows and uneven flooring are imperfections that a house can endure and remain livable. However a house with a roof that leaks is a real taboo; there can be no rest for men with a leaking rooftop. Therefore we studied the stars and set dates to get rid of the worn asbestos tiles and to put on a new and working roof over our heads. As we took apart the old roof, sunlight showed up uninvited and performed a dance of freedom on our shabby floor like he’s just been released from prison. We took the chance for a little indoor sunbath, wishing our guest would stay a little longer...

Then came the day to install new roofs! After fixing holes and waterproofing the base, we are now in the process of putting on tiles. Here we have our workers passing on red roof tiles, going through each of the three stations very much like a factory line.

The final product is a sturdy roof (and a peace of mind).