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Today, we make our very first delivery. We carefully packaged the bouquets into their cartons, checked every petals and every word on the message cards, taken out the ice packs from the refrigerator and placing them into the boxes before sealing. Before we know it, the nostalgic green van appeared at the end of the brick driveway.


In order to avoid our flowers from enduring the unbearable heat during transit, lengthy conversations were held with almost every courier companies that we could find. Their replies were consistently disappointing: ‘delivery can only be made on the next day.’ This only means that our bouquets will need to stay in their stuffy warehouses overnight, which is simply unacceptable. After some serious discussions and negotiations (and a bit of begging), we finally convinced EMS to become our official delivery partner, who guarantees same-day-delivery and to handle our parcels with much care and tenderness.


Standing by the doorway, we felt like we were some old worrying parents, marrying off our baby daughters, hoping that whoever receives them on the other end of the aisle will treat them plenty of love and respect.