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天气终于开始暖起来,在三月的最后一天,大清早来到花乡为小屋空无一物的前后院添购绿植,首选是要会开花的,再来最好是会结果实的! 于是我们院子里现在有了:山楂树、桃树、杏树、玉兰树、海棠树、和用来做绿化围挡的一堆北海道、柏树、和小黄杨。


The weather is finally looking up. On the last day of March, we decided to invest in some trees for the front and back yards. First priority is that they need to be Angiosperm (flowering trees), and preferably will produce fruits and seeds! With these two selfish needs as our buying guide, the yard is now dotted with: two Hawthorne trees (to encourage pollination), a peach tree, an apricot tree, a slender white magnolia, a cherry-apple tree, and some Japanese spindles, pines, and a whole lot of tiny box shrubs to form “fences” around our property.


Joined by these new green members, the hut became a bit livelier. How we look forward to resurrecting our arms from the hole-digging, and begin to plant some more flowers!