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There’s a trend going on right now where we call our fellow workmates “buddies”. I can understand how easily it caught on because using a friendlier term for people with a common goal really mixes us together to create better chemistry.

Today, a different kind of buddies arrived at FLORETTE’s doorstep. They’re not recruited from the internet nor recommended by friends, but delivered to our door by the friendly mailman. We took extra care slicing open the box containing earthworms for our rose garden. Our new buddies came to us with a small challenge, we had to consult our rose expert group over WeChat on how to disperse 3kgs of earthworms. Being ever so professional, they told us we could either stir-fry or put them on cold platter.

NB: The correct handling would be to first loosen up the ground surface and put on veggie leaves. Then place your muddy earthworms on these leaves and you’ll see them slowly making their way into the ground.