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回想起小时候经常窝在爸爸的怀里用小手来回摸着爸爸的胡渣子,也记得被他的下巴蹭的咯咯的满屋跑, 更喜欢在洗手台边从镜子的倒影里看着他仰着头刮胡须时认真的样子。





我们将会使用以下材料完成一罐约250ml的天然刮胡膏:未精制乳木果油(西非)、杏仁油(西班牙)、未精制有机椰子油(菲律宾)、迷迭香和薄荷精油(法国)。 假如爸爸还是清廉的坚决不收礼(太傻了),那就留下来自用或者赠予其他毛发茂盛的朋友吧~

老爸 别胡闹了!

时间:6月20日 星期六 14:30-17:00




咨询电话:4008 FLOWER (4008 356937)



As the alpha male of the family, our dads never give a F... fuss when it comes to gifts and celebrations. Even on Father's Day, they expect nothing more than a single hug.

However we faithful little cubs always feel the urge to exceed their simple expectations. And on this particular day of 2015, our urge to please is particularly strong. We feel like giving something more than hugs, more than flowers(!), more than a bought gift. We want to give what they never ask for, what they might not appreciate… until you give it to them.

Our idea is to handcraft an item from one of our fondest fatherly memories. We want to share with them those childish moments when we run our hands across their stubbed faces and when they let you watch them shave but warn you off the blades. We want to make what turns our scruffy dads from Santa Claus back to Dad again. Yes, this Saturday, we welcome you to come to our little cottage and recreate these sweet memories by hand-making a one of a kind "FLORETTE's All-Natural Rosemary Mint Shave Cream".

FLORETTE will provide all the lush raw ingredients for you, including shea butter (West Africa), virgin organic coconut oil (Philippines), sweet almond oil (Spain), rosemary essential oil (France), and peppermint essential oil (France). The finished product will be a fragrantly 250ml jarred shave cream. Of course, there's still a chance Dad hates you and your gifts or simply keeps a beard. Well, you can always use it on yourself or telegraph it to your hairiest friend.

Hey Dad, Stop Being So Prickly

Time: Saturday, 20th June 2015 14:30 -17:00

Capacity: 15ppl

Cost: ¥400.00

Address: FLORETTE - No.5 Courtyard, Shimencun Road, East of Baiziwan Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Phone: 4008 FLOWER (4008 356 937)