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因为有你们的支持和陪伴, FLORETTE几束花才得以从一个残破危房,慢慢转变成一间充满鲜花、笑声、咖啡香的小屋,并扎出无数美丽自然的花束……

刚刚度过一个忙碌幸福的情人节,FLORETTE 要休息一下,


春节店休日:February 17th - March 3rd


Thank you all for your support and company along the way. FLORETTE had grown from a shed without a soul into a garden cottage full of fresh flowers, friends, and laughter.

After a busy but blissful Valentine’s Day, FLORETTE will be taking a break during Chinese New Year. We sincerely wish every one of you a wonderful holiday, and a blooming new year ahead!

CLOSED DAYS:February 17th - March 3rd

Have a Happy Chinese New Year!