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FLORETTE的意思是“小野花”,所以一直想要在后院种出一片自然清新的环境。金融才子兼樸门农业学者“Mr. 肖”建议:将不同类的野花种子与培养土混匀,浇水并等待发芽。发芽后将泥土轻轻揉出不同尺寸的泥球,再撒落在花园的各个角落。


FLORETTE means “little wild flowers”, which is why we have always envisioned a wild and unpretentious garden. Financial analyst and permaculture scholar “Mr. C” suggested that we mix a variety of wild flower seeds with soil, water and wait for germination. Gently roll the germinated mixture into different size balls and scatter across the garden.

The process of germination is one of the most fascinating things in the world! From not being able to distinguish seeds from soil, to discovering tiny white sprouts dotting the surface. Just when we turned our back for a second, the entire container is covered with green shoots, which would be badly damaged if they were to be rolled into balls… In the end, we carefully spoon out the mixture and gently bury them into the ground.


Although we did not get to throw mud balls around the yard like mad savages, we have hopes that our little Garden will grow up one day and express our savage genes.