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By the flower market entrance, there’s a lady with a tricycle cart full of sweet fried dough twists. We walked past the cart this morning and caught a glimpse of a single red rose and a bunch of white lilies hanging on the handle bar.

The lady picked up a couple more ‘fresh’ red roses from the market’s unwanted pile, peeling off the damaged petals and foliage with one of the most beautiful smiles we’ve ever seen.

We asked if we could take a few photos of her cart, she nodded with that same smile while adding the two roses into the arrangement.

Even after careful selection and grooming, the flowers from the unwanted pile are far from being ‘perfect’; their heads mostly tilted, broken, and desperate for rehydration. On this cart, however, these flowers were shinier than diamonds.

On our way back to the workshop, we imagined these roses and lilies going to their new home with this sweet lady, being put in some simple vases or glasses, and placed on the cupboards. It is not hard to assume that someone who shows so much tenderness and compassion for flowers must have a home that is full of love and warmth, may it not be a grand mansion, for her love for flowers and love for life is much more worth cherishing.


There are always flowers for those who wants to see them – Henri Matisse